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4 things you can do when you're jacked up and need to calm down.

1) Yoga. In-person classes are fantastic (I love classes with Rhonda at Innovative Chiropractic), but not always feasible. The next best thing is "Yoga with Adriene" on YouTube. She has tons of videos of all different lengths and focus, if you have a specific need. Yoga is a moving mediation, which is more approachable than a sitting mediation, especially when the brain is really buzzing. The focus is still being drawn toward breath and body, grounding us in the present, and helping us become more intune with ourselves.

2) EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) / Tapping. This is going to be another YouTube video, unless you happen to have a lot of experience with this technique. EFT starts with validating your current emotion before moving into releasing the difficult emotion, all while tapping specific points on the hand, head & body. One of my favorite practitioners is Brad Yates; I look up his name or "EFT" and whatever emotion it is that is jacking me up (anger, grief, frustration, etc.) and follow along with a 5-10 min video. If I am really on edge, I may need to go through the tutorial twice. EFT is a tool I can use when I need to step away from stressful situation and recenter myself.

3) Tetris. Yes, the video game. Based on a study in Sweden, (link to the news brief below), researchers found that people developed fewer symptoms of PTSD after motor-vehicle accidents when they were given Tetis to play in the Emergency Department. I find this completely fascinating! It is theorized that the eye movement involved in playing the game activates many areas of the brain and allows the brain to process the experience. Eye movement shows up in different trauma-focused modalities such as EMDR and QNRT.

4) A word about mindfulness. Sometimes, sitting with oneself and feeling your body & emotions is too much because there is too much happening inside of us. If you are in a state of overwhelm, then instead of trying to heighten your inner awareness, a grounding technique that draws you to the present in your immediate surroundings may be more helpful. A simple grounding technique is 5-4-3-2-1

Notice 5 things you can see around you. Take a moment with each thing to really see it.

Notice 4 things you can touch and take a moment to feel them.

Notice 3 things you can hear.

Notice 2 things you can smell.

Notice 1 thing you can taste.

Have you tried any of these techniques? Have they helped? Leave a comment and let me know.

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